Tuesday, December 11, 2018

an old look for an old trunk

It's been a while friends! There is a lot to the business of refinishing furniture besides just painting, so but I am so happy to be able to share some new work with you!

A customer recently dropped off this trunk for me to refinish for her.  She had stripped most of the paint off and then was feeling finished with the project.  She knew exactly the look she was after, but here is the trunk in it's original state:

This piece had dings and dents and so much beautiful character and charm - and we wanted to keep it all.  I vacuumed it well and gave it a wipe down, but left the bits of old paint here and there to give it some original texture when it was painted.

I painted it in three coats of Devotion from Country Chic Paint.  Red can be a tough colour to paint because it is so highly pigmented. This piece was also raw wood so it soaked up the paint readily.

When it was fully dry I dragged it into my house to finish up the glaze work (where it's much warmer!).  Before glazing, I like to paint on a slip coat to make the glaze easier to work with and so it sits onto of the paint instead of melding with it.  It also prevents accidentally wet distressing your piece.  I used Country Chic Paint's Clear Coat as my slip coat.  I let that dry overnight before moving onto the glaze.

I used Graphite Glaze (also from Country Chic Paint).  It's a rich black that pairs with red beautifully. You can see in the photo above how much depth the glaze gives the red paint.  I ended up thinly painting on the glaze and not wiping it back - I really liked the look of it.

I let the glaze fully dry and then gave the trunk three more coats of Clear Coat for protection.

The trunk, despite having a fresh coat of paint, still looks old and full of years of character and charm!

I don't paint many pieces in red but this one is definitely growing on me!

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Thursday, November 15, 2018

french provincial dresser in classic white

It's no secret that I love refinishing French Provincial furniture.  Oddly enough, it's not my style for my own home, but it just looks so dang good painted! French Provincial furniture wears colour so well, but it also looks so classic and stately in neutrals - especially white!

This piece had sat in my shop a little while, and clearly was subject to a bit of overspray! Whoops!

To clean this piece up it got a good wipe down with Krud Kutter and then a light sanding to prep the surface for paint.  Never, ever skip prep steps!

I sprayed this piece with a white I absolutely love - Crinoline by Country Chic Paint.  It's a slightly off white with a warm undertone.  I find myself grabbing it off my shelf time and again because it's such a beautiful shade of white.  The piece got two solid coats and then a light third coat in areas that needed it.

I finished this piece off by lightly distressing to show off it's beautiful lines and then sealing with clear wax.

I'm so tempted to keep this piece, but where oh where would I put it....

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Monday, November 12, 2018

a handmade cabinet gets a brand new look

It's been a while since I shared a project over here! I have been both plowing through custom work and taking a little time off to regroup and get my focus back.

One project I recently finished was this cabinet for a client:

Her father made this cabinet about 35 years ago and had sentimental value to her.  She wanted it updated to fit better into her decor.  This cabinet was solidly built and had great bones but it was time for an update.  I had already removed the one door when I remembered to take a before photo! Both top doors needed new glass, so off to the glass shop they went.

The rest of the cabinet was in fairly good shape, save for a few splinters that needed repairs/gluing/filling. One fairly big situation that needed some attention:

Several spots along the top moulding had broken or splintered off.  Although it could have been just sanded smooth and painted, it would have been noticeably missing and that just wouldn't have been okay! So I broke out the Bondo and slowly built up coats, sanding in between, to recreate the shape.

It's not perfect, but it's much better!

For the outside of the cabinet I painted it in Hurricane from Country Chic Paint.  I love this smokey blue colour.  It's deep and rich and still has a neutral feel to it.  For the inside, my client wanted to lighten it up so we went with Lazy Linen, also from Country Chic Paint.

I love the colour combination! I sprayed the original hinges matte black to match the new knobs.  It's always amazing what paint and new hardware can do for a piece!

Pieces that carry special meaning for my clients are among my favourite to refinish.  I am honoured to bring their pieces up to date! This particular cabinet I kept walking by all styled and wishing it was my own!

The colours are perfect for this piece! To order them to work on your own project, use code FARM10 at www.countrychicpaint.com for 10% off your first order!

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Antique Hutch Refinished in My Favourite Colour

In all my years of refinishing furniture I am certain I have never been asked to refinish a piece quite as beautiful as this one.  A client messaged me with pictures of her grandmother's hutch that had been passed down to her.  It needed a freshening up to fit in her home, and I couldn't wait to paint it for her!

After I deep cleaned the piece and lightly sanded it, I primed it.  One look at this piece and I knew it was going to bleedthrough.  I ended priming it with about 4-5 coats to fully block in the tannins.  I've never had a piece bleed like this one did, but once it was finally sealed we were good to go.  It's important to seal bleedthrough with an oil based primer that is intended for sealing in tannins - my go-tos are CoverStain and Kilz.  BIN is a great one too but I've never ended up with a spray can that actually worked!

The next step was a light sanding to remove any texture from spraying on primer and then I sprayed it with two coats of Vanilla Frosting.  If you've been hanging around here with me for a while you'll know that Vanilla Frosting is my favourite colour! 

When it was fully dry, I distressed it lightly to show off it's beautiful shape and character.  Country Chic Paint sands beautifully and easily, but Primer is another thing altogether! It can be more difficult to distress but it'll get there with a little extra effort! 

I wasn't initially going to topcoat this piece because the matte finish felt so authentic and looked beautiful on this piece.  I ended up opting for a light clear wax finish to give it the perfect finishing feel.  

When I took pictures of this piece, no staging props looked right with it.  It's just so gorgeous on it's own and it's beautiful shape speaks volumes! I am so in love with this piece, and honoured that my client asked me to refinish it for her! 

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Saturday, September 29, 2018

a small chest of drawers in homestead blue - fusion mineral paint

There are some colours that I naturally gravitate towards, and have to make myself not paint every single piece of furniture in. One of them is blue - there are so many shades and tones of beautiful blues! I have had a little bit of a crush on one blue in particular - Homestead Blue by Fusion Mineral Paint.  It is so deep and rich and gorgeous! 

I generally hoard jars of paint in colours I love because I don't want to run out, but seriously this jar is never-ending! This is the third project I have painted in Homestead Blue - two coats on each project, and there is STILL paint left in my jar! I am impressed at how far this paint goes! 

I have had this piece for a while in my shop, and I recently got it prepped and ready for paint.  

I used a Staalmeester brush, also sold by Fusion retailers, to paint this piece.  I gave it two light coats of paint.

To add some extra depth and dimension to this piece, and to highlight the natural wood grain, I used Miss Mustard Seed's Antique Wax.  I love using dark wax over dark paint colours to give them added richness.  

I put the original hardware back on this piece - I absolutely love how the brass pairs with Homestead Blue! I could paint everything this colour! 

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

a french provincial dresser in blush

It's no secret that I love refinishing French Provincial pieces - especially dressers.  They just look so dang good refinished! They're generally either wood toned or white.  I picked up a French Provincial bedroom suite a while ago and immediately contacted a customer of mine who was looking for a large dresser for her daughter's room.  She chose this one:

My client hoped that we could refinish the top to a stained finish instead of painted.  Although the entire body of this dresser is solid wood, the top isn't - and the veneer was extremely thin which can be risky to refinish.  However, the top of this piece was in pristine condition except for one small scratch, so we were able to leave the top in it's original condition.

To create the blush colour my client wanted, I mixed three parts Crinoline to 1 part Vintage Cupcake, both from Country Chic Paint. After prepping the dresser by cleaning with Krud Kutter and giving it a light sanding, I sprayed two coats of the blush on the dresser.

When it was thoroughly dry, I used sandpaper to distress the entire piece to show all it's beautiful lines and shape off! I gave the entire piece two coats of satin poly for extra durability and protection.

I was able to see this piece in my client's daughter's room and it's so adorable! It's the perfect piece for such a girly colour and I am sure she'll love it for years and years to come!

For more inspiration on mixing paint to create custom colours, make sure you are following Country Chic Paint on Facebook! If you'd like to order paint from Country Chic Paint, pop over to their website - www.countrychicpaint.ca - and use code FARM10 for 10% off your first purchase (affiliate code)!

Thursday, September 6, 2018

refinishing furniture in grey

As much as I love to do punchy colours on dressers and tables, I always love coming back to classic neutrals.  My family likes to bug me because my house is tones of white and grey with blues mixed in here and there.  I don't stray from that colour palette. Me? Neutral? Shocking!  While they might think neutrals are boring, they are anything but! When I picked up this dresser, I knew that it's classic lines needed a classic colour.  Here is the photo from the online listing:

Potential! I chose one of my absolute favourite greys that has rich depth and varying tones - Cobblestone from Country Chic Paint.  It's a warmer shade that has earthy undertones.

After I filled in some deeper scratches with wood filler and sanded them smooth, I gave the dresser a good cleaning and light sanding.  Then I painted the entire dresser with two coats of Cobblestone, letting each coat dry completely.

I lightly distressed the entire piece and then added my favourite topcoat over Cobblestone: antique wax.  I love the way the dark wax adds a richness and depth to Cobblestone.

Dressers are the main thing that I look for when I am looking for furniture to stock and refinish.  I love them in all shades, but I really love the classic look of a dresser in a stunning neutral!

Country Chic Paint is a company I know, love, and trust.  If you want to give them a try too, use code FARM10 for 10% off your first purchase at www.countrychicpaint.com! And while you're on their site, check out their huge tutorial section!

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