Tuesday, May 30, 2017

pebble beach dresser

Dressers are one of my favourite pieces of furniture to refinish.  They are always available for great prices at garage sales and in local buy and sell groups and sites. It always amazes me how a couple coats of paint can completely transform an average boring dresser! 

This dresser was a little banged and bruised so I sanded and filled where it was needed.  Then I painted it in two coats of Pebble Beach from Country Chic Paint. It is a beautiful medium grey with a cooler tone.  

The coverage of the paint is fantastic! When it was dry I lightly distressed it just around the edges to highlight it's shape. Distressing, even lightly, also adds some character and dimension to your piece.  I gave the entire piece a coat of Natural Wax, and then an extra coat of wax just on the top for added protection.

The cool grey tone of the dresser paired with the gold hardware is simple, classic, and beautiful! ! A simple transformation on a thrifted dresser with just a couple coats of paint

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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Painting Furniture for Kids

Decorating children’s rooms has to be one of the funnest home projects - they are great rooms to add colour to!  A little over two years ago I painted a dresser for my sister who was expecting her first baby.  

Her nursery has to be one of the funnest spaces - full of rich colour and fun patterns.  That was two years ago, and my sweet little niece is ready for a big girl bed - and so we were on the hunt for a toddler bed that we could refinish for her!

This is an Ikea toddler bed that I found on a local buy and sell site for $30. It was okay in its dark wood state, but it was a little dinged up and needed some fun colour.  Her bedroom is full of different jewel tones and so I pulled several different Country Chic colours off my paint shelf and showed my sister some options.  She decided on Fresh Mustard.

If you have children, distressing their refinished furniture is a wise choice! Any future dings and dents will blend right in and you won't have to worry!

To add a little depth and to give it an aged look, I waxed the bed with Country Chic Paint's Antiquing Wax. Isn't her room adorable? If your little one is ready for some fun colour in their room, adding a painted piece of furniture is a great way to do it! 

Monday, May 15, 2017


Hello! I am popping in today to share with you a really fun project! A friend of mine texted me recently and asked me to create a large piece of wall art for her office. She had a large open space between two filing cabinets and needed something to fill it up.  She had a bench, but needed something on the wall.  

I used a sheet of 1/8" hardboard as the base. These are inexpensive and your local hardware store will usually cut it to size for you! 

I used these Country Chic products:
Lazy Linen
Pebble Beach
Rocky Mountain
Vanilla Frosting
Pocket Watch Metallic Cream
Texture Powder

For the base, I sanded the board lightly to give the piece a little tooth. I painted the board in two coats of Lazy Linen as my background colour.  Once it was dry I used painters tape to mark off a geometric pattern. I more or less made it up as I went, randomly measuring and taping off until I was happy with the design.

I used stencils from the craft store for certain parts to add depth and pattern. To create interest and dimension, I used paint mixed with Texture Powder a couple of the sections.

To blend it all together and blend it all together, I lightly sanded it with 220 grit sandpaper.  For a piece like this that is going to be rarely handed, it's not necessary to topcoat it.  However, I like to slight depth and overall look that a waxed finish adds, so I gave the entire piece a light coat of Natural Wax

My hubby framed it up and it’s ready to hang in our friend’s office! If you have leftover paint from projects, this is a great way to use it! 

Ready for a fun project? Find all the products I used here!