Monday, May 15, 2017


Hello! I am popping in today to share with you a really fun project! A friend of mine texted me recently and asked me to create a large piece of wall art for her office. She had a large open space between two filing cabinets and needed something to fill it up.  She had a bench, but needed something on the wall.  

I used a sheet of 1/8" hardboard as the base. These are inexpensive and your local hardware store will usually cut it to size for you! 

I used these Country Chic products:
Lazy Linen
Pebble Beach
Rocky Mountain
Vanilla Frosting
Pocket Watch Metallic Cream
Texture Powder

For the base, I sanded the board lightly to give the piece a little tooth. I painted the board in two coats of Lazy Linen as my background colour.  Once it was dry I used painters tape to mark off a geometric pattern. I more or less made it up as I went, randomly measuring and taping off until I was happy with the design.

I used stencils from the craft store for certain parts to add depth and pattern. To create interest and dimension, I used paint mixed with Texture Powder a couple of the sections.

To blend it all together and blend it all together, I lightly sanded it with 220 grit sandpaper.  For a piece like this that is going to be rarely handed, it's not necessary to topcoat it.  However, I like to slight depth and overall look that a waxed finish adds, so I gave the entire piece a light coat of Natural Wax

My hubby framed it up and it’s ready to hang in our friend’s office! If you have leftover paint from projects, this is a great way to use it! 

Ready for a fun project? Find all the products I used here!


  1. You are so talented! Love your DIY painted sign!

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