Thursday, May 25, 2017

Painting Furniture for Kids

Decorating children’s rooms has to be one of the funnest home projects - they are great rooms to add colour to!  A little over two years ago I painted a dresser for my sister who was expecting her first baby.  

Her nursery has to be one of the funnest spaces - full of rich colour and fun patterns.  That was two years ago, and my sweet little niece is ready for a big girl bed - and so we were on the hunt for a toddler bed that we could refinish for her!

This is an Ikea toddler bed that I found on a local buy and sell site for $30. It was okay in its dark wood state, but it was a little dinged up and needed some fun colour.  Her bedroom is full of different jewel tones and so I pulled several different Country Chic colours off my paint shelf and showed my sister some options.  She decided on Fresh Mustard.

If you have children, distressing their refinished furniture is a wise choice! Any future dings and dents will blend right in and you won't have to worry!

To add a little depth and to give it an aged look, I waxed the bed with Country Chic Paint's Antiquing Wax. Isn't her room adorable? If your little one is ready for some fun colour in their room, adding a painted piece of furniture is a great way to do it! 

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  1. This mustard yellow bed is the cutest! What a lucky girl!