Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Pink Ombre Ikea Dresser

There have been so many happy pops of colour on furniture in the shop lately - which is such a great pick-me-up in this never ending winter we seem to be having.

I've seen people giving their raw wood Ikea dressers new looks for years - the Ikea Hack has long been popular! They are great inexpensive pieces that are a great base for either painting or adding trim and new hardware to for a completely new look.  A long time customer of mine purchased this Ikea dresser and sent me an inspiration photo of what her daughter wanted it to look like.  The shades of pink were identical to some pretty pinks that Country Chic Paint has in their line-up!

Here is her dresser before:

Nothing special, right? Just wait! Here is how it looked mid-painting:

Looks like a completely different dresser! Here are the Country Chic Paint products I used to create this ombre effect:

Dresser frame colour: Confetti
Darkest pink: Cherry Blossom
Medium Pink: Vintage Cupcake
Light Pink: 50/50 mix of Confetti and Vintage Cupcake

Because this is a raw wood dresser and had several knots in the wood on the sides and top, I primed it first with BIN Shellac primer to seal it.

Wooden knobs came with the dresser, so instead of purchasing new ones, we painted these ones gold using Country Chic's Metallic Cream.  They turned out perfectly and gave this dresser a little does of glam and shine!

The entire piece was sealed with two coats of Hemp Oil.  Hemp oil cures to a durable finish that creates a water-resistant and wipeable surface.  It is perfect for porous woods and paints!

Isn't it pretty? A perfect new look for a little girl's room!

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Monday, February 26, 2018

Mid Century Modern Update

Mid Century furniture isn't my typical style, but I absolutely love how they look refinished! Longer style MCM dressers are fairly common around here, so I have scooped up and refinished a few pieces here and there.  This dresser belonged to a lifelong friend who was redecorating her son's bedroom. He was the teeniest cutest little baby, and now he's a a very nice handsome boy in elementary school. How does that happen so fast?

Back to the furniture! She found this piece that was the perfect size for his room and wanted it painted to match a bookcase I had previously done for her.  This colour is SO good on this piece! It's Hurricane by Country Chic Paint.

This is a moody slate blue that Country Chic has long had in their line-up.  I haven't painted with it much previously, but have recently fallen head over heels for it and I want to paint everything in it!

Reading sign is from my fave sign maker Westoria!

Dressers can get a lot of wear and tear, so this got three coats of Country Chic Paint's Clear Coat.  This is a simple quick-drying topcoat that is durable after multiple coats! Three coats is the recommendation.

I am so pleased with how this piece turned out! I love the three original little knobs on the centre drawers and how they work so well with the paint colour.  Here is a before and after (minus a few drawers!) so you can see just how much paint can change a piece of furniture:

Amazing, isn't it? For more inspiring photos of how paint can completely transform a piece of furniture, make sure you are following me and Country Chic Paint on Instagram!

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Sunday, February 18, 2018

navy is a neutral

Navy has to be one of the most classic colours! It is timeless, beautiful and equally handsome. It looks amazing paired with metallics, with florals in a feminine space or with buffalo check in a boy's bedroom - regardless of the coordinating colours used!  Navy truly is a neutral! Do you use it in your home?

My favourite navy paint colour is Peacoat from Country Chic Paint.  It was a limited edition release colour several seasons ago, and recently they added it to their permanent line up of colours - and I am SO glad they did! It is the perfect navy - have you tried it?

A long time friend is redoing her guest bedroom and asked me to paint a dresser she's had for many years.  I happily obliged! She had a navy quilt as the bedding, so Peacoat was the perfect colour choice.  Here is the dresser before - not terrible, but definitely needing an update:

I did my usual basic steps:
1. Prep - wash and lightly sand.
2. Paint - I painted two coats of Peacoat
3. Finish work - I gave the dresser a light sanding to smooth the surface and then gave it two coats of Clear Coat from Country Chic Paint for added protection.

If you are redoing a room and your furniture needs a new look, why not have it refinished? What you think might be drab and outdated can be completely transformed with paint! Isn't this piece handsome  now?

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Signs in my photos are courtesy of Westoria!

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Friday, February 16, 2018

mixing the perfect pink paint

Pink is a colour that will always stay popular as long as there are little girls in the world! It's a happy colour that has so many beautiful hues.  I've had this French Provincial nightstand for a while now and it's original dark brown finish was doing absolutely nothing for it. I don't paint with pink a lot, but lately I have been getting a lot of requests for it, so I decided to go for it.  I didn't have a blush tone in my stash of paint, so I made my own!

To make this colour I used Vintage Cupcake and Confetti from Country Chic Paint.  I mixed it until I was happy with the tone and ended up with about a 50/50 mix of the two colours.

I gave the nightstand two coats of paint and then distressed it when it was dry to give it a beautiful worn vintage look!

To keep the colour subtle, I waxed it lightly with White Wax.  Clear wax would be equally as perfect, but would boost the colour intensity slightly.  I wanted to keep it really light, so the white wax was the perfect option!

Isn't it so pretty? If you didn't have baby fever before, do you now? My daughter is nearly 9 and has her own ideas of bedroom decor - mainly bright over the top colours! I wonder if I can convince her she needs a blush and cream bedroom...

For more ideas on creating your own colours, make sure you are following the blog on Country Chic Paint's website! They have a fantastic colour line up, inspiring ideas, and you can even watch tutorials on their YouTube channel!  Happy painting!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

vintage french provincial dresser

French Provincial furniture is one of my favourite styles to refinish.  I love the curvy lines, and they lend themselves so well to any colour! I have refinished them in bright colours, beautiful neutrals, and everything in between. This colour might top the list of favourites though!

Happy Hour was a Limited Edition colour that Country Chic Paint released a few seasons ago.  It was extremely popular in the painting world - no surprise there! It is a gorgeous pale robin's egg colour with a hint of mint. It is such a vintage inspired colour and when Country Chic added it to their permanent line of colours I was elated!

Here is the before from the ad on my local buy and sell site:

It needed help.  That original finish was not doing it justice at all.  I prepped the dresser in my usual way, clean with TSP, sand lightly, and vacuum off.  I sprayed it with two coats of Happy Hour.

The curves and shape of this piece needed to be shown off, so I distressed the edges where normal wear would occur with 220 grit sandpaper.  I love a hand waxed finish, so even though the All-in-One paint has a built in topcoat, I added a light coat of clear wax.

I don't usually keep the original hardware on French Provincial pieces, but this colour pairs so well with gold and the original handles seemed perfect for it. It looks like a completely different piece now!

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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

French Provincial Headboard

I love French Provincial style furniture.  It always looks great refinished and I love the curvy lines and frenchy farmhouse feel.

I saw this listing pop up in my local area buy and sell and I snagged it right away:

It needed a new look, desperately! I decided to give the headboard a true farmhouse feel with my favourite colour from Country Chic Paint, Vanilla Frosting.

Prep is essential when painting furniture, so this piece got a good cleaning and light sanding to ensure longevity and perfect adhesion. I sprayed this piece with two light coats of Vanilla Frosting.

When it was fully dry, I sanded it lightly with 220grit sandpaper, distressing it where normal wear would occur to accent the shape of the headboard. It got a good vacuuming after to remove all the dust!

A product that has been in fairly high rotation in my shop lately is the new Clear Coat from Country Chic Paint.  It is an easy to apply durable topcoat in a satin finish.  The more I use this topcoat the more I love it!  This headboard got two good coats - I sprayed this but you could definitely use a foam brush.

From drab and dated to a fresh farmhouse feel!

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