Monday, February 26, 2018

Mid Century Modern Update

Mid Century furniture isn't my typical style, but I absolutely love how they look refinished! Longer style MCM dressers are fairly common around here, so I have scooped up and refinished a few pieces here and there.  This dresser belonged to a lifelong friend who was redecorating her son's bedroom. He was the teeniest cutest little baby, and now he's a a very nice handsome boy in elementary school. How does that happen so fast?

Back to the furniture! She found this piece that was the perfect size for his room and wanted it painted to match a bookcase I had previously done for her.  This colour is SO good on this piece! It's Hurricane by Country Chic Paint.

This is a moody slate blue that Country Chic has long had in their line-up.  I haven't painted with it much previously, but have recently fallen head over heels for it and I want to paint everything in it!

Reading sign is from my fave sign maker Westoria!

Dressers can get a lot of wear and tear, so this got three coats of Country Chic Paint's Clear Coat.  This is a simple quick-drying topcoat that is durable after multiple coats! Three coats is the recommendation.

I am so pleased with how this piece turned out! I love the three original little knobs on the centre drawers and how they work so well with the paint colour.  Here is a before and after (minus a few drawers!) so you can see just how much paint can change a piece of furniture:

Amazing, isn't it? For more inspiring photos of how paint can completely transform a piece of furniture, make sure you are following me and Country Chic Paint on Instagram!

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