Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Pink Ombre Ikea Dresser

There have been so many happy pops of colour on furniture in the shop lately - which is such a great pick-me-up in this never ending winter we seem to be having.

I've seen people giving their raw wood Ikea dressers new looks for years - the Ikea Hack has long been popular! They are great inexpensive pieces that are a great base for either painting or adding trim and new hardware to for a completely new look.  A long time customer of mine purchased this Ikea dresser and sent me an inspiration photo of what her daughter wanted it to look like.  The shades of pink were identical to some pretty pinks that Country Chic Paint has in their line-up!

Here is her dresser before:

Nothing special, right? Just wait! Here is how it looked mid-painting:

Looks like a completely different dresser! Here are the Country Chic Paint products I used to create this ombre effect:

Dresser frame colour: Confetti
Darkest pink: Cherry Blossom
Medium Pink: Vintage Cupcake
Light Pink: 50/50 mix of Confetti and Vintage Cupcake

Because this is a raw wood dresser and had several knots in the wood on the sides and top, I primed it first with BIN Shellac primer to seal it.

Wooden knobs came with the dresser, so instead of purchasing new ones, we painted these ones gold using Country Chic's Metallic Cream.  They turned out perfectly and gave this dresser a little does of glam and shine!

The entire piece was sealed with two coats of Hemp Oil.  Hemp oil cures to a durable finish that creates a water-resistant and wipeable surface.  It is perfect for porous woods and paints!

Isn't it pretty? A perfect new look for a little girl's room!

For more furniture transformations in pink, make sure you are following Country Chic Paint on Pinterest

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