Tuesday, February 13, 2018

vintage french provincial dresser

French Provincial furniture is one of my favourite styles to refinish.  I love the curvy lines, and they lend themselves so well to any colour! I have refinished them in bright colours, beautiful neutrals, and everything in between. This colour might top the list of favourites though!

Happy Hour was a Limited Edition colour that Country Chic Paint released a few seasons ago.  It was extremely popular in the painting world - no surprise there! It is a gorgeous pale robin's egg colour with a hint of mint. It is such a vintage inspired colour and when Country Chic added it to their permanent line of colours I was elated!

Here is the before from the ad on my local buy and sell site:

It needed help.  That original finish was not doing it justice at all.  I prepped the dresser in my usual way, clean with TSP, sand lightly, and vacuum off.  I sprayed it with two coats of Happy Hour.

The curves and shape of this piece needed to be shown off, so I distressed the edges where normal wear would occur with 220 grit sandpaper.  I love a hand waxed finish, so even though the All-in-One paint has a built in topcoat, I added a light coat of clear wax.

I don't usually keep the original hardware on French Provincial pieces, but this colour pairs so well with gold and the original handles seemed perfect for it. It looks like a completely different piece now!

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