Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Moroccan Inspired Children's Furniture

I've said it before and I'll say it again - I love painting children's furniture! It's an opportunity to use colour and bolder style.  When I found this little table and chairs I was really inspired by it's shape, style, and chunkier feel.  And of course, somehow lost the photo of the original finish...which was orange pine and really needed to go!

I tossed around different colours for this set, but ultimately landed on Happy Hour - one of my favourite colours in the Country Chic lineup. It's bright and cheery and perfect for this set.  After giving the piece a good cleaning and light sanding, I gave it two coats of Happy Hour.

After painting it I felt like it needed a little extra something.  I debated a grain sack stripe, but it just wasn't right for this style.  The shape and design of the chairs had a very moroccan flair, so I decided to roll with that.  I picked up a stencil at Michael's craft store and used Pocket Watch Metallic Cream from Country Chic Paint to paint the design on the back of the chairs. Gold and Happy Hour are a match made in heaven!

To accentuate the shape, I gave it a good distressing.  Distressing children's furniture is a great finish for children's furniture.  Kids can be hard on their furniture and distressing it can prevent any future dings or dents from being overly obvious!

Goodness I wish I had a toddler so I could keep this set!  I sealed it with three coats of Clear Coat for protection.  Isn't it so pretty?

This set was purchased right away and went home with a lovely little girl whose mama is a lifelong friend of mine! So it kinda did stay in the family after all! 

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