Monday, March 26, 2018

Pretty & Rustic

This dresser is a perfect pairing of rustic and pretty - but it wasn't always that way! Truthfully, I didn't buy this dresser just for the dresser. It had antique brass cup pulls on it that I wanted for another project - the dresser just happened to come with them.  And the dresser was a mess.

There were spots all over the dresser that were badly sanded down, places that needed filled with bondo, and some sort of sticky tarry gunk that needed cleaning off.  It needed a lot of tlc to say the least.

I initially was going to give this dresser a lighter colour, but the more I looked at it and took colours off my paint shelf, the more I felt like it needed a deep jewel tone. I took Jitterbug from Country Chic Paint off my paint shelf, and it was the perfect choice!

This dresser was rustic, worn and used.  When a dresser is like that, I like to keep all of that character in the finished piece.  I gave it two light coats of Jitterbug, and when it was dry I distressed it well.  I used old 150 grit sandpaper that was previously used and in rough shape to give it a rugged and rough chipped up look.

To further accent the age of this piece, I sealed it with Antiquing Wax.  I love using dark wax with dark colours - it gives them a deeper and richer feel than using Clear Wax would.  The top was stripped and stained dark - one of my favourite looks.

This piece has come a long way and has a brand new look, without losing the character and charm of it's age!

Sign from Westoria

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