Monday, March 5, 2018

stately antique eastlake dresser

I know I say this often, but this dresser might be my favourite piece yet.  I have been looking for an Eastlake dresser for as long as I have been refinishing furniture, but they are incredibly rare around here.  I debated for a long while about leaving it as is, changing only the hardware - the oak was in beautiful condition and only needed touch ups in a few places. Here it was before:

Gorgeous, but lacked a wow factor.  A lot of the shape and details were lost. But what colour was I going to paint it? I consulted nearly everyone, but I kept coming back to the fact that this dresser needed to be stately and handsome, with an authentic finish that kept its age in tact.  So neutral.  And dark.  

Black? Yes! I painted the body in the best black, Liquorice by Country Chic Paint.  It covered perfectly in one coat. I distressed it to show off all it's lines and shape, and then gave it a single coat of Clear Coat from Country Chic Paint.  I didn't want built up coverage on this piece, just a slight sheen.  The built in top coat in Country Chic's All-in-One paint formula gives it exceptional durability on its own, so the additional topcoat was merely for the sheen. 

Cup pulls in gold were just what this piece needed, but those empty keyholes didn't look right.  I found exactly what I needed from D. Lawless Hardware - I need about a billion of these in my stash! 

Here is how the dresser looks now:

Signs from Westoria

Seriously.  How handsome is this dresser?

I wanted to leave true authenticity in this piece, so I didn't touch the top of it at all.  I left every ding, every spot of age or discolouration.  What is the story behind this piece? Where was it used? A library? An office? Refinishing furniture doesn't mean that it always has to be completely changed. This is an antique piece and I wanted it to feel and look that way, even though it was painted.

I am proud of all the pieces of furniture that leave my shop, but this one will be at the top of my list of pieces I loved the most! 

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