Monday, March 19, 2018

the attractive side table

I was looking through Kijiji a week or so ago and stumbled across an ad titled "Attractive Side Table".  I had to laugh because that might be the catchiest furniture ad title ever! You know I clicked on it, and subsequently bought it because it was, indeed, an attractive side table.

It sat in my kitchen for all of twenty minutes before I went and grabbed a brush and a jar of paint.  Yes, I do sometimes still paint in my kitchen.  Mostly because my workroom is so full of furniture that I can't move around enough in there to paint.  Call me a furniture hoarder if you will...

Anyway let's get back to the attractive table! Here it was about twenty minutes after it landed in my kitchen:

Dark.  Interesting. Boring. Let's change that:

The first step was to clean the table well to remove any grease or grime, and then lightly give it a quick sanding with 220grit sandpaper.  It's already so much better and brighter after one coat! This colour is Wishing Well from Country Chic Paint.  This colour is being discontinued as it was a limited edition release, so hurry and snag a jar or two!

After two coats of paint and a couple hours of drying time, I distressed it to show off it's shape and give it some extra character.  I then gave it a coat of Clear Wax to seal it!

The once dark and dated side table, is truly attractive now!

To purchase this colour while it is still available, click here! To see more of this colour used on refinished furniture, make sure you are following Country Chic Paint on Instagram!

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