Thursday, March 15, 2018

vanilla frosting + french provincial furniture

Y'all.  This might be the ultimate match between furniture style and paint colour! I love French Provincial Furniture - the shape is so pretty and they can wear any colour you put on them! But when paired with my favourite paint colour of all time, it's just a match made in heaven!

My love for Vanilla Frosting runs deep. If I don't have several pints of it on my painting shelf I start to panic - seriously! If I could paint everything in it I would. So many of the pieces I do are custom, so I don't get to use it as often as I would love to.  So when a customer of mine was looking for a tall dresser for her daughter's room and I showed her this one, she asked what I thought of doing it in a creamy white...

She didn't have to ask me twice.

It's the perfect in between colour - not too white, not too cream.  It's just perfect.  Can you tell I love this colour?

I prepped this piece in my usual way: clean (I like to use tsp, but make sure you rinse well!), lightly sand, and then vacuum! I then gave it two coats of Vanilla Frosting (even the name is irresistible!).

When it was fully dry I sanded it well to show off it's beautiful shape and then gave it a couple coats of Clear Coat - an easy to apply durable topcoat that will ensure the longevity of this piece!

I put the original hardware back on, which I think looks beautiful against the colour.  Have I convinced you to try this gorgeous creamy white yet?

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