Monday, April 30, 2018

navy is the perfect neutral

Some people may argue the fact, but it really is true! Navy is such a beautiful neutral! It goes with everything and at the same time adds just a little bit of colour to your decor.  Whether your style is modern, boho, country, farmhouse, cottage, contemporary - navy is the perfect neutral!

This MCM dresser was hurting for a new look.  It had a seared mark on the top surface (hello Shellac!) and was missing a large splintered piece of the top near the back (Bondo to the rescue!).  Once both of those were taken care of and the dresser was prepped for paint, I went to my paint shelf and pondered a colour.  I've done several dressers in this style with the longer wooden lip handles, but none have been in stellar enough condition to leave as is.  These were, so I wanted a colour that would make those pop!  I felt like navy was the ticket, but when I saw bright pink on my paint shelf I wondered if I should take a chance and go for bold. I took a poll on Instagram between Peacoat and Moonflower from Country Chic Paint...

And that was that.  Always go with your gut!

I sprayed two coats of Peacoat on this piece and when it was dry gave it a coat of satin poly.  I didn't do any distressing because I wanted to keep the look clean and classic.

This piece sold almost instantly to a good friend of mine! She also loves navy as a neutral!

Find other navy inspiration using Peacoat from Country Chic Paint on Instagram!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

oak banker's desk with a surprise finish

This may be one of the neatest pieces I've ever refinished! This is a vintage banker's desk - completely with secret locking mechanisms! This desk is huge, and incredibly heavy.  I refinished this piece for a lifelong friend of mine to use as her worktable for her small shop.

This piece was in great condition, but the finish was dated in style and needed to match her fresh bright studio space.  Here is the before:

And here is the after:

Oak is notorious for yellow bleedthrough.  After cleaning and lightly sanding it, I sprayed it in Happy Hour from Country Chic Paint, and then spot treated it with spray Shellac in areas with bleed through.  I then gave it another coat of Happy Hour.  If you still find spots of bleed through, repeat the process again!

To seal it and give it a durable surface, I gave it three coats of Clear Coat, lightly sanding between coat 2 and 3.

When it was finished, I felt like it just needed something. Something to reflect her shop and her style. And there's one thing her and I have in common: our love of stripes!

To further the theme of secret compartments in this desk, I gave the two pull out surfaces a special finish - black and white stripes! I painted the tops in Crinoline, and then taped off stripes and painted them in Liquorice.  I topcoat these with Clear Coat as well.

Isn't it so fun? I love how it turned out! I love that I can pull Country Chic Paint products off my paint shelf and give pieces a brand new life that can be enjoyed for many, many years!

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Saturday, April 21, 2018

the power of paint

How many of you go to garage sales and find nothing but furniture from the 80s or 90s and think that's not really going to fit into your decor and then give up on thrifted furniture? If you do, think again! The power of paint is real and I wanted to show you my trash to treasure chair! From 80s speckled oak to classic farmhouse...

I thrifted this chair and as soon as I brought it home it got a good vacuuming and cleaning.  Don't skip this step! You don't know what has gotten all over your piece in it's lifetime, so make sure it's squeaky clean!  This had very little finish left in good condition, and I knew I wanted to distress the chair well, so I didn't do any sanding.  Country Chic's All-in-One paint formula has amazing adhesion, so I wasn't worried about the paint bonding.

I sprayed this chair with a coat of Rocky Mountain from Country Chic Paint, a rich charcoal grey.  When it was dry I took and old piece of 150 grit sandpaper to it and distressed it really well.  I don't normally distress with such a high grit, but when you use old sandpaper the tooth on it has been softened and you don't need to worry about the finish having a scratched appearance.

To give it a nice satin finish, I sprayed on two coats of Clear Coat. It's very easy to apply and dries nice and quick so you can recoat it sooner! I recovered the seat using a piece of coordinating buffalo check fabric to give it a true farmhouse feel.

So next time you see a piece that you think is too outdated, think about what a little bit of paint can do for it! 

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

a jewel toned side table - with country chic paint

A few weeks ago I painted a dresser in Jitterbug by Country Chic Paint. Ever since I have been dreaming about this gorgeous jewel toned deep sea turquoise hue.  It's so beautiful! When I found this side table I knew it would be the perfect candidate!  It wasn't in the most stellar condition, so I started with my usual prep:

1.  CLEAN  All that grime needs to come off, or paint adhesion will be an issue! 
2.  SAND  I gave this piece a light sanding with a higher grit sandpaper (150/220) to knock the sheen off the piece and give it a little tooth for the paint to grip to.

3. PAINT I gave this piece two coats of Jitterbug, letting it dry for an hour or so in between.

4.  FINISH I gave this piece a light distressing and worked dark wax into the paint to give it some depth and character.

The gold cup pulls pair so beautifully with the paint colour! 

If you have a small project like this, make sure you are following Country Chic Paint on Pinterest for more inspiration! To purchase Jitterbug and Antiquing Wax for your project, click here

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Saturday, April 14, 2018

a chest refinished in elegance

Fun Fact: The very first time I ordered from Country Chic Paint I ordered three colours: Vanilla Frosting, Lazy Linen, and Elegance.  That was many years ago when their company first launched, and to this day they're still three of my absolute favourite colours!

Sign by Westoria

I found this chest on a local bidding site (is anyone else completely stressed out by bidding sites, or is it just me?), and even though it was in superb condition it was red mahogany and that needed to go.  But mahogany doesn't handle goodbye's well, so a little shellac was in order.  After I cleaned it well, gave it a light sanding and a coat of shellac, I gave it a coat of Elegance from Country Chic Paint.  Luckily one coat of shellac sealed in the mahogany! When it was dry I gave it a second coat of paint.

What I love about Country Chic Paint's clay based formula is that it is so easy to distress and sands to a buttery soft finish.  I like to use 220grit to sand and distress and will follow up with 320 for a super smooth finish.

This formula of paint has a built in topcoat, so if you like a really matte finish to your paint then there's no need to seal it! I like a bit of sheen and the feel of a hand waxed finish, so I sealed this up with a natural clear wax.

This colour is such a pretty blue.  It's light and soft with a slightly grey undertone and matches most everything you pair with it! I love the combination of it with the original brass hardware.

For more beautiful inspiration using Elegance, make sure you are following Country Chic Paint on Instagram! You can follow us there too!

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Thursday, April 5, 2018

refinished dresser with a bright pop of colour

Sometimes pieces leave me completely stumped as to how to refinish them.  This piece was given to me by a friend, completely stripped and ready to paint.  A blank canvas.


The wood was a beautiful colour.  The drawers were near perfect, but the body had some dings and dents and imperfections that would have stood out like a sore thumb if I had left them unfixed and the entire piece unpainted.  Besides, I can't not paint furniture... I came up with about a hundred different options for this dresser from stained to painted to stencilled all the way back to partly natural wood.

One of Country Chic Paint's new spring limited edition colours, is this beautiful bold green, Wild Clover.  I have never painted a piece green before, can you believe that? Time for something new! I gave the shell of the dresser three coats of Wild Clover, and then topcoated it with Hemp Oil.  

Hemp Oil is the perfect topcoat for this piece since it was painted over raw wood.  The hemp oil will absorb all the way into the wood and protect and condition it from the inside out! It is one of my favourite topcoats to use for ease of application and strong durability.

To protect the drawers and give them a soft look, I waxed them with White Wax.  I love the very subtle white that settled in the pours of the wood.

I used gold hardware to tone in with the drawers and pop off the green. This is the perfect piece for a boy's room but I can definitely see it paired with bold florals for a girl's room!

Find more examples of how Wild Clover is used on Country Chic Paint's Instagram feed! You can follow us on Instagram too!

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

DIY Glitter Jars

If your daughter is anything like mine, there are about a hundred thousand different types of pens and markers in her desk drawer.  Her favourites are always lost somewhere in the depths of the piles, and organizing them all is no small feat! We decided to make some pretty jars that matched her room that could sit on her desk and hold her most used items.  This is a fun project to do with your child! I'll walk you through the whole process!

Glass jars
Clear Primer
Paint colours of your choice
Image Transfer Medium
Glass Glitter
Painters Tape
Clear Coat

1. I picked up four plain glass jars at the dollar store and gave them a good wash in hot soapy water.  We gave them a coat of Clear Primer.  The primer creates a bond between the glass and the paint.  We let them dry a full 24 hours before moving on to the next step.

2.  My daughter picked out four colours that matched her bedroom: Peacoat, Full Bloom, Bliss, and Sunday Tea (all from Country Chic Paint). We gave each jar two coats of paint, letting them fully dry in between and after.

3.  We measured and taped off a line on the jars as far up as we wanted the glitter to be.  We used the Image Transfer Medium as the glue to adhere the glitter.  We gave the area to be glittered a good coat of image transfer medium, and then sprinkled the glitter on over a shallow dish.  Make sure you only do one jar at a time so that the Image Transfer Medium doesn't start to dry before you sprinkle on the glitter!

4.  We used the Gold Glitter on two jars and the Rose Gold on the other two.  When we were done each jar, we dumped the remaining glitter in the dish back in the jar of glitter to use another time! We carefully pulled off the tape when we were done each jar and set them aside to fully dry.

5.  To seal the jars, you can go back over them with the Image Transfer Medium, which dries clear.  I happened to have Clear Coat from Country Chic Paint in my sprayer already, so I gave the jars three coats of it to seal them.

Perfectly cute organization for a girly girl! 

For more inspiration using Glass Glitter, make sure you are following Country Chic Paint on Facebook! You can follow us there too!

Monday, April 2, 2018

A farmhouse cabinet makeover

Farmhouse.  It's a style that I naturally gravitate towards, but one that many see as a trend - which I totally get.  Styles come in and out, come and go and then come back around.  But I think a home filled with classic pieces will function forever, no matter what the current colour trends are or whimsical decor pieces that may come and go in your home.  Farmhouse pieces are naturally neutral hues, which is one reason I love them most!

This cabinet was a piece that I found on a local buy and sell site.  It was listed for (and I paid) more than I would typically go for, but I was taken by it's simple clean lines and bun feet.  You may notice that the top trim piece didn't end up on the final piece.  It just didn't flow with the style of the rest of the cabinet, so it had to go!

I debated giving this a more contemporary black and white finish, but I just couldn't make myself do it! Even though I feel like I paint 90% of the things I do grey (can you blame me? It's a good colour!), this needed to be grey.  The perfect grey - Hula Hoop from Country Chic Paint.  This was a limited edition colour a few seasons back, but when I saw that they still had some stock of it left I quickly ordered them up! It's a warm grey that is just so soft and beautiful, it was the perfect colour for this piece.

I wanted to add some depth and extra interest and debated between adding a beadboard backing, or painting it a complementary colour.  I scoured Pinterest for inspiration and ended up with two colour choices - a smokey grey blue, or charcoal.  And I debated, and debated.  Elegance or Nightfall from Country Chic Paint would have been gorgeous, but I ended up choosing Rocky Mountain - a beautiful charcoal.  More neutral colours!

I am so glad I went for a dark colour.  It gives this cabinet depth and sophistication, which I love.  I sealed the entire cabinet with several coats of poly for durability and protection and added some new farmhouse style hardware.

A classic, timeless, and neutral piece - farmhouse by my definition!

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