Saturday, April 14, 2018

a chest refinished in elegance

Fun Fact: The very first time I ordered from Country Chic Paint I ordered three colours: Vanilla Frosting, Lazy Linen, and Elegance.  That was many years ago when their company first launched, and to this day they're still three of my absolute favourite colours!

Sign by Westoria

I found this chest on a local bidding site (is anyone else completely stressed out by bidding sites, or is it just me?), and even though it was in superb condition it was red mahogany and that needed to go.  But mahogany doesn't handle goodbye's well, so a little shellac was in order.  After I cleaned it well, gave it a light sanding and a coat of shellac, I gave it a coat of Elegance from Country Chic Paint.  Luckily one coat of shellac sealed in the mahogany! When it was dry I gave it a second coat of paint.

What I love about Country Chic Paint's clay based formula is that it is so easy to distress and sands to a buttery soft finish.  I like to use 220grit to sand and distress and will follow up with 320 for a super smooth finish.

This formula of paint has a built in topcoat, so if you like a really matte finish to your paint then there's no need to seal it! I like a bit of sheen and the feel of a hand waxed finish, so I sealed this up with a natural clear wax.

This colour is such a pretty blue.  It's light and soft with a slightly grey undertone and matches most everything you pair with it! I love the combination of it with the original brass hardware.

For more beautiful inspiration using Elegance, make sure you are following Country Chic Paint on Instagram! You can follow us there too!

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