Monday, April 2, 2018

A farmhouse cabinet makeover

Farmhouse.  It's a style that I naturally gravitate towards, but one that many see as a trend - which I totally get.  Styles come in and out, come and go and then come back around.  But I think a home filled with classic pieces will function forever, no matter what the current colour trends are or whimsical decor pieces that may come and go in your home.  Farmhouse pieces are naturally neutral hues, which is one reason I love them most!

This cabinet was a piece that I found on a local buy and sell site.  It was listed for (and I paid) more than I would typically go for, but I was taken by it's simple clean lines and bun feet.  You may notice that the top trim piece didn't end up on the final piece.  It just didn't flow with the style of the rest of the cabinet, so it had to go!

I debated giving this a more contemporary black and white finish, but I just couldn't make myself do it! Even though I feel like I paint 90% of the things I do grey (can you blame me? It's a good colour!), this needed to be grey.  The perfect grey - Hula Hoop from Country Chic Paint.  This was a limited edition colour a few seasons back, but when I saw that they still had some stock of it left I quickly ordered them up! It's a warm grey that is just so soft and beautiful, it was the perfect colour for this piece.

I wanted to add some depth and extra interest and debated between adding a beadboard backing, or painting it a complementary colour.  I scoured Pinterest for inspiration and ended up with two colour choices - a smokey grey blue, or charcoal.  And I debated, and debated.  Elegance or Nightfall from Country Chic Paint would have been gorgeous, but I ended up choosing Rocky Mountain - a beautiful charcoal.  More neutral colours!

I am so glad I went for a dark colour.  It gives this cabinet depth and sophistication, which I love.  I sealed the entire cabinet with several coats of poly for durability and protection and added some new farmhouse style hardware.

A classic, timeless, and neutral piece - farmhouse by my definition!

For more inspiration, make sure you are following Country Chic Paint on Pinterest! You can follow me there too!

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