Tuesday, April 17, 2018

a jewel toned side table - with country chic paint

A few weeks ago I painted a dresser in Jitterbug by Country Chic Paint. Ever since I have been dreaming about this gorgeous jewel toned deep sea turquoise hue.  It's so beautiful! When I found this side table I knew it would be the perfect candidate!  It wasn't in the most stellar condition, so I started with my usual prep:

1.  CLEAN  All that grime needs to come off, or paint adhesion will be an issue! 
2.  SAND  I gave this piece a light sanding with a higher grit sandpaper (150/220) to knock the sheen off the piece and give it a little tooth for the paint to grip to.

3. PAINT I gave this piece two coats of Jitterbug, letting it dry for an hour or so in between.

4.  FINISH I gave this piece a light distressing and worked dark wax into the paint to give it some depth and character.

The gold cup pulls pair so beautifully with the paint colour! 

If you have a small project like this, make sure you are following Country Chic Paint on Pinterest for more inspiration! To purchase Jitterbug and Antiquing Wax for your project, click here

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