Tuesday, May 22, 2018

a perfect starter project with fusion mineral paint

If you're brand new to painting furniture, you may be feeling overwhelmed at doing a large piece right off the bat.  Doing a small piece, like a side table or nightstand is the perfect piece to start with! Personally I love doing side tables because they are small pieces of furniture that can make big impact in a room! They're also the perfect piece to add colour to if you're a lover of neutrals like myself!

Here is the piece I started out with:

I picked up this piece from a local buy and sell group and it was definitely in need of a good scrub! I used Krud Kutter on this piece to give it a thorough cleaning and then gave it a rinse wipe down with clean water.  The piece wasn't majorly  glossy so I knew I wouldn't have any issues with Fusion Mineral Paint adhering - however, it needed a little smoothing out in places, so after I removed the hardware I gave it a light sanding.

The hardware gave it a more feminine feeling, so I pulled out two colours - Little Piggy and Laurentien.

I kept coming back to Laurentien, so that's what I did!  I gave the piece two thin coats letting it dry about 45 minutes in between.

When it was dry I distressed it lightly to give it a little extra dimension and character.

This colour is such a beautiful mix of heritage, vintage, and modern - the makings of a true timeless colour.  I can see this colour being used regularly in my shop!

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