Monday, May 7, 2018

industrial inspired cabinet with fusion mineral paint

I am so excited to share this piece with you today! When I picked this piece up, I immediately had a vision for it, and it worked out exactly as I had hoped! Here is what it looked like before:

Pieces like this make me fall in love with paint all over again.  Can you believe that dresser turned into this?

When I opened the top drawer when I got the dresser there were industrial style castors in it - it was kismet! The castors completed the look of the dresser completely.  Now, let me tell you how I refinished this piece.

First, CLEAN! This piece was by far the dirtiest I have ever cleaned.  It just didn't stop! I used Krud Kutter for the gunk on this piece.  Then I gave it a light sanding.  This had a very glossy finish on it, so to ensure perfect adhesion, I scuffed it up.

I used Soapstone by Fusion Mineral Paint for this piece.  I absolutely LOVE this colour! In the jar it is very grey, but dries to with a hint of smokey blue to it.  It's gorgeous! I painted this dresser by brush instead of spraying it because I wanted a little bit of texture to it to make it look like it was an old filing cabinet.  When it was dry I buffed in a coat of Black Wax from Fusion Mineral Paint to deepen the colour slightly and highlight the texture.

I added some label style hardware from D. Lawless Hardware for the perfect finishing touch!

Can you believe that glossy pine dresser turned into an industrial inspired piece? The power of paint!


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