Tuesday, May 22, 2018

painting laminate furniture easily

A question I am often asked by my client's is if I can paint a piece of furniture for them that isn't real wood.  The short answer: yes! It may require a little extra prep, but the steps are all the same!

1. Clean well! No matter what surface you're painting, cleaning well first to remove any grime, grease dirt is the first step to take to ensure good adhesion.  My choices are typically TSP or Krud Kutter (make sure to do a rinse wipe after to remove any residue).
2. Sand! Scuffing up your surface will give your paint something to adhere to - you may have heard of terms such as tooth or key that are used to describe this.  A good scuff with sandpaper is all you need!
3. If your surface is particularly glossy or you are concerned about adhesion, you can take an extra step and prime your piece.  You can use a primer like BIN, or a clear primer or bonding agent that works well with the paint you are using.
4. Paint!
5. Topcoat!

Here is what my client's piece looked like before I refinished it:

And here is what it looked like after:

I followed all the steps above, using Country Chic's Clear Primer for Step 3. I really love this primer because it easily applies (using their painting sponge makes it incredibly easy!), and it is clear so when you distress your piece when it's finished you don't see white primer underneath.

After I painted the table in Vanilla Frosting from Country Chic Paint, I felt like it needed a little something extra.  I happen to be friends with the owner of the table and she gave me free reign to do whatever I wanted! Her and I share the same love of farmhouse style, so I knew it needed a grainsack stripe.  I know I do this pattern a lot, but I love it so much!

I measured and taped off the stripes with painter's tape, and then painted them in one coat of Nightfall. When it was dry I distressed them well so they looked worn. The combination of colours is perfect and gives the table added interest!  I sealed the entire piece with three coats of Clear Coat.

Painting laminate furniture can be daunting for some, but rest assured it's just as easy as painting a solid wood piece!

To check out more pieces done in Vanilla Frosting and Nightfall, make sure to follow Country Chic Paint on Instagram!

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