Tuesday, May 15, 2018

pretty antique vanity in my favourite colour

Some pieces are just meant to be a certain colour - if you have painted furniture for a while this is something you'll know! When I found this piece I knew it had to be off-white and distressed.  Actually, when I found this piece it needed to be ANY colour except what it was! Let me show you the previous paint job:

Ack! I don't know what process was used to create this faux wood look but it had to go.  Immediately.

I cleaned it really well with Krud Kutter, rinse wiped it, and then gave it a good sanding.  And I did it in my dining room, because...well, my workroom is packed with furniture! I had a feeling this piece wasn't going to play fair, so I gave it a coat of BIN Shellac Primer before I started, and then did some repairs with Bondo, and sealed it again with Shellac.  Then I painted it in my favourite colour! Any guesses?

If you guessed Vanilla Frosting you're right!

And it definitely wasn't cooperating and had many spots of bleed through, so I spot treated it with Shellac in the aerosol can - my BFF.  I gave it two more light coats of Vanilla Frosting and distressed it really well as soon as it was dry.

This piece has definitely had a lot of use over it's many years, and I wanted to highlight that instead of mask it.  Pieces this old and this worn need their character highlighted! I sealed it with a couple coats of satin poly.

Sign from Westoria
Tassel garlands from Little City Market

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