Tuesday, June 26, 2018

a seaside washed cedar chest

This may very well be one of my favourite projects to date - I am proud of everything that leaves my shop, but this one was not only a labor of love, it was so much fun to do and I adore the final product.
This is an antique Honderich Furniture Company Red Seal Cedar Chest that dates back to the early 30s (from what I can find!).  Before you wonder why I painted it, let me show you the before:

The finish was gone in a lot of areas, the wood was water damaged or in some places gone entirely, part of the drawer front had to be rebuilt, it was wobbly and had to be glued and nailed back together - the list goes on! However, it wasn't too far gone to save, and in the interior was in nearly pristine condition.  So I cleaned it well, glued and nailed, bondo-ed, and then gave it a coat of shellac.  I didn't sand much because I really wanted to keep all that texture and age, and I knew adhesion wouldn't be an issue.

Here are the supplies I used to create the finish for this chest:
Country Chic Paint Colours in Sunday Tea, Driftwood, Pebble Beach and Cobblestone
Several different paint brushes
Spray bottle of water
Clear Coat
Limestone Glaze

I've had this chest for quite some time in storage waiting for creativity to hit.  I was after a salty sea air washed finish (is that a thing? it is in my head!)

The first layers of paint I used were Sunday Tea and Pebble Beach blended together.  I layered colour by colour, spraying it lightly with water to blend the colours together.  After it dried, I felt like it was a bit too light for the look I was after, so I used Cobblestone and Driftwood to layer on to create some depth.  I didn't want an even finish - I wanted some areas lighter and some darker.

When it was completely dry, I gave it a quick seal with Clear Coat.  This is a great trick to give glaze more slip and ease when you apply it.

Country Chic Paint just released a new glaze, Limestone, that is a beautiful creamy white similar to Vanilla Frosting.  So you can just imagine how much I love it!  I used the glaze fairly heavily on this piece, spritzing it with water as I went to wash it over the surface and wipe it back.  I played with it and layered it on until I was happy with the finish.

This isn't typically the style of furniture I do, but I had so much fun playing with it and just letting whatever the paint wanted to do happen.  I love the washed finish that gives the chest a coastal feel that's been around for ages.

The depth of colour and layers of paint make this piece one of a kind. I cleaned, lightly sanded and used Hemp Oil to revive the tired interior and have it smelling like fresh cedar again.

The Limestone Glaze really pulled this whole piece together and gave it just the look I was hoping for.  I couldn't be more thrilled with the way this piece turned out!

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Monday, June 25, 2018

a brand new product from country chic paint

Y'all.  If you're a paint hoarder enthusiast like me, then anytime a paint company releases a new product it's as exciting as when you heard the sweet song of the ice cream truck coming down the street in your neighbourhood when you were a kid! A few times a year Country Chic Paint releases new products and I'm giddy every single time - I love testing out and trying new products! When they asked me to try out their two new glazes - Slate and Limestone - it was an instant yes from me!

Let me show you how I used Slate - a beautiful grey!

I started out with two side tables that were typical factory finish white that was chipping off and yellowing.  They sat in my house for about half an hour before a really sweet and lovely friend of mine texted me to ask me if I had a matching set of nightstands...matching nightstands almost never happens! She wanted something with a more masculine colour, but feminine enough for her style, and maybe a slightly coastal feel.  That's a lot for one piece, but we made it happen!

I started out with by cleaning really well and then sanding, and then they got two coats of Pebble Beach.  I let them thoroughly dry overnight and then put on a coat of Clear Coat the next morning.  Adding a clear topcoat will give you a little more slip and open time when applying glaze - a tip I learned from two of my fellow painters, A Ray of Sunlight and Lily Field Furniture!

When the Clear Coat was dry, I painted on the Slate Glaze in sections and then wiped it off with a damp shop towel until I was happy with the look.

I absolutely love how the Slate and Pebble Beach compliment each other, and how the Slate Glaze settled in all the grooves and low spots, and gave the flat parts a little more of a washed look. When the glaze was dry I sealed the tables with a few more coats of Clear Coat.

This is definitely a product that you need to try! It's a lovely medium tone of grey that will work with any colour! Order your jar here now!

Country Chic Paint's Facebook feed will be filled with inspiration on using the brand new Slate Glaze, so make sure you're following them over there!

Monday, June 18, 2018

perfect pairing of navy and cream side tables

Finding a matching pair of side tables in my area is the holy grail.  It nearly never happens, and lately I've been fortunate to have found a few sets! I got this set from a lovely friend of mine and they were in great shape, although in their factory finish they were a little sad looking.  And I, of course, didn't take a before photo. I need to make a giant note for myself...

I went through a lot of ideas and waffled on a lot of colours before I ended up with this pairing.  Initially I wanted to include a metallic on the aprons, but it just wasn't working with this style of table.  That happens a lot in the furniture refinishing world, so if you paint something and it's just not working, don't fret! Step back and rethink it.  Sometimes Plan A doesn't work out, and that's okay!

Coffee Sign by Westoria 

I had already painted the tops in Cheesecake from Country Chic Paint, and was starting the legs in Peacoat. I decided to paint the entire bottom frame in Peacoat, and it worked beautifully! I love the pairing of the warm cream and deep navy!

I distressed the tables well and gave them a coat of dark wax.  I love using dark wax over dark colours to richen them up a bit, and it gave the cream a deeper aged look that tied in really well with the navy.  The look is much more cohesive adding the dark wax to the entire piece.

I really love how these tables turned out! The curvy lines of the table paired with the navy and lighter tops is just perfect!

I love seeing what other people do in Peacoat and Cheesecake! If you do too, make sure you're following Country Chic Paint on Instagram!

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Friday, June 15, 2018

a coastal driftwood inspired table

I have been wanting to do a coastal driftwood inspired piece for a while now, but hadn't come across just the right furniture to try it - until I found this gem in a local thrift shop:

Of course I forgot to take a photo as it was when I got it home, but you can imagine that the shiny finish was the same on the top as well.  I sanded it off because I knew I wanted to start with bare wood.  You don't have to start with bare wood, but I wanted some of the wood grain to be able to show to give it more of an authentic look.  Step 1: I painted on my first coat - a 1:1 mix of Driftwood (from Country Chic Paint) and water.  Watering it down lets it absorb quickly into the wood and gives it the effect of stain.

When that was dry it was time for Step 2.  I created a glaze using Country Chic's Clear Glaze mixed with Sunday Tea.  I painted it on a section at a time and then wiped it back with a damp shop towel. It gives it instant dimension. And again, I forgot to take pictures! Step 3: I used my leftover Sunday Tea Glaze and added in Crinoline, dry brushing the glaze on to add more dimension.  I added and wiped back until I was happy with the look.

Can you believe in a few simple steps how much the top of this piece changed?

I love how it turned out! Step 4: Paint the base of the table! I used Dune Grass, also from Country Chic Paint, to finish off the coastal feel of this table.  It's a watery blue-green that is just so pretty! 

At this point I gave the table a couple coats of poly.  When it was dry, I applied dark wax over the entire table to give it some added depth.  I didn't want the dark wax to change the colour of the paint, so I applied poly first.  It isn't essential to do this, but it's very important to remember that wax is ALWAYS the last step! 

I love how this turned out! From overly lacquered and way too dated, to coastal and airy! Pieces like this remind me how much I love paint!

For more inspiration creating coastal pieces, make sure you are following Country Chic Paint on Pinterest! I promise you'll be inspired! 

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

a painted pine dresser in navy

I love this style of dresser - it's a humble pine dresser that is strong, sturdy, and looks great refinished.  These ones are often heavily lacquered so it's really important to prep them well for a lasting finish.  Here is the photo my client sent to me:

Her request was that it be refinished in navy and she brought me the hardware she wanted to switch out to as well.  When it comes to navy, my go-to is Peacoat from Country Chic Paint.  It's the perfect navy - not too royal blue and not too dark.

I prepped this piece with a good cleaning and then sanding.  I generally prep sand by hand, but because this piece was stretches of flat straight wood, I used my orbital sander to scuff up the surfaces. I vacuumed it well and then applied two coats of Peacoat.

I lightly distressed the edges of the dresser to give it extra depth and character and then gave it a couple coats of poly in a satin finish. I love the gunmetal finish of the new knobs paired with this colour!

If you have pine furniture in your house that needs some freshening up, don't hesitate to paint it! In just a couple steps you'll have a custom piece that suits your home decor!

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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

a garage sale gem

When you have to run an errand to the liquor store for work props it's never a bad thing! A good client of mine brought me over this little wine rack to paint for their son. He wanted his mom to paint it for him and she promptly brought it to me! To any passerby this wine rack would have quickly been passed over. It was quite ugly, incredibly dirty, and badly banged up.  Let me show you:

Honestly, I spent more time cleaning and bondo-ing this piece than I did painting it! I cleaned (and cleaned and cleaned) it and then filled the deep gouges and nailholes.  I gave it a good sanding and then mixed up my paint.

I custom mixed this colour to match other furniture that my client already owned. The colour is 2 parts Dark Roast and 1 part Liquorice, both from Country Chic Paint, to achieve this deep coffee colour!

I lightly distressed it and then put on three coats of Clear Coat, also from Country Chic Paint. The deep rich colour paired with the satin finish of the topcoat is so beautiful!

This piece is a perfect size to put ontop of a counter or sideboard to create your own bar area! So next time you think of passing by an old beat up piece like this, think again! With a little TLC and some great paint, you will have a garage sale gem on your hands!

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Monday, June 4, 2018

french provincial dining room table

Family dining tables are really workhorses of your kitchens.  They're home to everything from meals to homework to game nights - and if yours is anything like mine then most times they're also home to random items on a daily basis! 

The most essential step in refinishing your dining room table is PREP! Dirt, grease and grime can accumulate on your table even though it may get a daily wipe down.  It is essential to remove all of that to ensure a durable and lasting finish.  I started this table by cleaning it several times with Krud Kutter.  Once it was very clean, I sanded the entire table quite well with 150 grit sandpaper.  This table had some dings and dents that needed sanding out so I spent time filling and sanding to make sure the final result was smooth.  

The next step was sealing bleed through.  This isn't an essential step if you aren't worried about bleed through, but after refinishing many dining room tables I've learned that 99% of them have some sort of bleed through somewhere! This table got two coats of Shellac.  

Time to paint! I painted this table for a sweet client who I had painted the matching chairs for a few years ago.  Since she wanted the table to match, I painted it the same colour - my favourite: Vanilla Frosting from Country Chic Paint! It's a beautiful creamy white that isn't too yellow.  It's a staple colour on my paint shelf!

This table got three light coats of Vanilla Frosting.  When it was dry I distressed it well and sanding it to a buttery smooth finish.

I layered on a high performance poly in a satin finish to give it a rock solid topcoat.  I never do less than 4 coats for dining room tables.

The colour highlights the shape of this Queen Ann table beautifully! 

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