Friday, June 15, 2018

a coastal driftwood inspired table

I have been wanting to do a coastal driftwood inspired piece for a while now, but hadn't come across just the right furniture to try it - until I found this gem in a local thrift shop:

Of course I forgot to take a photo as it was when I got it home, but you can imagine that the shiny finish was the same on the top as well.  I sanded it off because I knew I wanted to start with bare wood.  You don't have to start with bare wood, but I wanted some of the wood grain to be able to show to give it more of an authentic look.  Step 1: I painted on my first coat - a 1:1 mix of Driftwood (from Country Chic Paint) and water.  Watering it down lets it absorb quickly into the wood and gives it the effect of stain.

When that was dry it was time for Step 2.  I created a glaze using Country Chic's Clear Glaze mixed with Sunday Tea.  I painted it on a section at a time and then wiped it back with a damp shop towel. It gives it instant dimension. And again, I forgot to take pictures! Step 3: I used my leftover Sunday Tea Glaze and added in Crinoline, dry brushing the glaze on to add more dimension.  I added and wiped back until I was happy with the look.

Can you believe in a few simple steps how much the top of this piece changed?

I love how it turned out! Step 4: Paint the base of the table! I used Dune Grass, also from Country Chic Paint, to finish off the coastal feel of this table.  It's a watery blue-green that is just so pretty! 

At this point I gave the table a couple coats of poly.  When it was dry, I applied dark wax over the entire table to give it some added depth.  I didn't want the dark wax to change the colour of the paint, so I applied poly first.  It isn't essential to do this, but it's very important to remember that wax is ALWAYS the last step! 

I love how this turned out! From overly lacquered and way too dated, to coastal and airy! Pieces like this remind me how much I love paint!

For more inspiration creating coastal pieces, make sure you are following Country Chic Paint on Pinterest! I promise you'll be inspired! 

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