Wednesday, June 6, 2018

a garage sale gem

When you have to run an errand to the liquor store for work props it's never a bad thing! A good client of mine brought me over this little wine rack to paint for their son. He wanted his mom to paint it for him and she promptly brought it to me! To any passerby this wine rack would have quickly been passed over. It was quite ugly, incredibly dirty, and badly banged up.  Let me show you:

Honestly, I spent more time cleaning and bondo-ing this piece than I did painting it! I cleaned (and cleaned and cleaned) it and then filled the deep gouges and nailholes.  I gave it a good sanding and then mixed up my paint.

I custom mixed this colour to match other furniture that my client already owned. The colour is 2 parts Dark Roast and 1 part Liquorice, both from Country Chic Paint, to achieve this deep coffee colour!

I lightly distressed it and then put on three coats of Clear Coat, also from Country Chic Paint. The deep rich colour paired with the satin finish of the topcoat is so beautiful!

This piece is a perfect size to put ontop of a counter or sideboard to create your own bar area! So next time you think of passing by an old beat up piece like this, think again! With a little TLC and some great paint, you will have a garage sale gem on your hands!

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