Tuesday, June 26, 2018

a seaside washed cedar chest

This may very well be one of my favourite projects to date - I am proud of everything that leaves my shop, but this one was not only a labor of love, it was so much fun to do and I adore the final product.
This is an antique Honderich Furniture Company Red Seal Cedar Chest that dates back to the early 30s (from what I can find!).  Before you wonder why I painted it, let me show you the before:

The finish was gone in a lot of areas, the wood was water damaged or in some places gone entirely, part of the drawer front had to be rebuilt, it was wobbly and had to be glued and nailed back together - the list goes on! However, it wasn't too far gone to save, and in the interior was in nearly pristine condition.  So I cleaned it well, glued and nailed, bondo-ed, and then gave it a coat of shellac.  I didn't sand much because I really wanted to keep all that texture and age, and I knew adhesion wouldn't be an issue.

Here are the supplies I used to create the finish for this chest:
Country Chic Paint Colours in Sunday Tea, Driftwood, Pebble Beach and Cobblestone
Several different paint brushes
Spray bottle of water
Clear Coat
Limestone Glaze

I've had this chest for quite some time in storage waiting for creativity to hit.  I was after a salty sea air washed finish (is that a thing? it is in my head!)

The first layers of paint I used were Sunday Tea and Pebble Beach blended together.  I layered colour by colour, spraying it lightly with water to blend the colours together.  After it dried, I felt like it was a bit too light for the look I was after, so I used Cobblestone and Driftwood to layer on to create some depth.  I didn't want an even finish - I wanted some areas lighter and some darker.

When it was completely dry, I gave it a quick seal with Clear Coat.  This is a great trick to give glaze more slip and ease when you apply it.

Country Chic Paint just released a new glaze, Limestone, that is a beautiful creamy white similar to Vanilla Frosting.  So you can just imagine how much I love it!  I used the glaze fairly heavily on this piece, spritzing it with water as I went to wash it over the surface and wipe it back.  I played with it and layered it on until I was happy with the finish.

This isn't typically the style of furniture I do, but I had so much fun playing with it and just letting whatever the paint wanted to do happen.  I love the washed finish that gives the chest a coastal feel that's been around for ages.

The depth of colour and layers of paint make this piece one of a kind. I cleaned, lightly sanded and used Hemp Oil to revive the tired interior and have it smelling like fresh cedar again.

The Limestone Glaze really pulled this whole piece together and gave it just the look I was hoping for.  I couldn't be more thrilled with the way this piece turned out!

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