Monday, June 18, 2018

perfect pairing of navy and cream side tables

Finding a matching pair of side tables in my area is the holy grail.  It nearly never happens, and lately I've been fortunate to have found a few sets! I got this set from a lovely friend of mine and they were in great shape, although in their factory finish they were a little sad looking.  And I, of course, didn't take a before photo. I need to make a giant note for myself...

I went through a lot of ideas and waffled on a lot of colours before I ended up with this pairing.  Initially I wanted to include a metallic on the aprons, but it just wasn't working with this style of table.  That happens a lot in the furniture refinishing world, so if you paint something and it's just not working, don't fret! Step back and rethink it.  Sometimes Plan A doesn't work out, and that's okay!

Coffee Sign by Westoria 

I had already painted the tops in Cheesecake from Country Chic Paint, and was starting the legs in Peacoat. I decided to paint the entire bottom frame in Peacoat, and it worked beautifully! I love the pairing of the warm cream and deep navy!

I distressed the tables well and gave them a coat of dark wax.  I love using dark wax over dark colours to richen them up a bit, and it gave the cream a deeper aged look that tied in really well with the navy.  The look is much more cohesive adding the dark wax to the entire piece.

I really love how these tables turned out! The curvy lines of the table paired with the navy and lighter tops is just perfect!

I love seeing what other people do in Peacoat and Cheesecake! If you do too, make sure you're following Country Chic Paint on Instagram!

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