Monday, July 30, 2018

classic farmhouse side tables

Lately I have been fortunate enough to find several sets of side tables, which any furniture refinisher knows is pretty rare! I often get asked when I post a side table for sale if I have a second matching one, so when I find sets I am elated! 

When I found this set, I knew exactly what I wanted to do to them.  I usually bump those projects to the front of the line because I can't get them out of my head.  And apparently I started on these ones too quickly because I completely forgot a before photo.  Just imagine, medium toned wood with dated misplaced hardware that were crying out for a new lease on life...

These were in great condition to begin with so they got a scrub with Krud Kutter, a light sanding, and a thorough vacuuming inside and out.  The bottom drawers on these had a very dated pull in the centre which was throwing the look and balance off, so I filled the holes with Bondo. I sanded the Bondo smooth and gave the area a quick spray of Shellac to even the surface.

I wanted a fresh white for a classic farmhouse look, so I chose Crinoline from Country Chic Paint.  It's a very slightly off white with a warmer undertone, and it's quickly becoming my go-to white.

After two coats and drying time, I gave them a light distressing with 220grit sandpaper around all the edges. I sealed the tables with two coats of satin poly.

I drilled new holes for the bin pulls on the bottom drawers, and then sprayed the knobs on the top drawers in matte black spray paint to match the pulls.

I love the way these tables turned out! They have a fresh and classic farmhouse feel!  

Crinoline is such a beautiful white! If you'd like to try it too, use code FARM10 for 10% off your entire purchase at! And make sure you check out their Tutorials section for amazing tips and tricks using their line up of products!

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