Wednesday, July 4, 2018

mid century nightstands with bold colour

Mid Century isn't a style that I naturally gravitate to for my own decor or for refinishing - but once in a while I find a piece or two that I really want to refinish.  My hubby actually found this pair of MCM nightstands on a local buy and sell group and scooped them up for me - even though he's always telling me I have way too much furniture!

Here's what they looked like originally:

Meh.  Great lines, and I actually really liked the hardware even though the style of it just wasn't jiving with the tables.  I needed a bold pop of colour and new hardware.  I went back and forth to my paint shelf a few times and kept coming back to Renfrew Blue from Fusion Mineral Paint.  

I gave the pair a good scrubbing with Krud Kutter.  Fusion is known for it's ability to adhere to nearly any surface, and the finish on these was wearing thin, so I only lightly scuffed them up with 220 grit sandpaper and then vacuumed them off.

I gave the tables two and half coats of Renfrew Blue.  The half coat is a touch up coat - if any spots are thin etc.

Fusion paint has a built in waterproof topcoat.  It's a super hard wearing paint.  Most paints that have a built in topcoat can have a matte chalky type finish (which is also great!), but Fusion is more of an eggshell finish.  I really like the look and feeling that the paint ends with and I fully trust it's durability without having to add an additional topcoat.  Curing is an important process for every paint, so make sure you are careful with a finished piece for about 21-30 days.  This is when a paint reaches it's strongest durability.

The colour is exactly what these tables needed! Paired with a vintage brass finish knob, they're exactly the look I was going for!

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