Wednesday, July 11, 2018

old world style for a vintage honderich desk

When you refinish furniture, friends and family are always tagging you or finding furniture for you - which I absolutely love and have found some real treasures from! One day a couple weeks ago I got a text from my brother in law with a picture of a desk strapped in the back of his truck.  Not only did he find the desk, he picked it up and delivered it right into my shop!

Isn't she a beauty? She needed a good cleaning and sanding - and filling of deep layers of chipping.  And then I needed to decide what colour to do.

I have been doing a lot of blues and greys lately and I wanted to do something really different and creative.  I haven't done yellow in so long, so I grabbed Mustard and Bees Knees, both from Country Chic Paint, off my paint shelf and made a custom mixed light mustard colour (about a 2:1 ratio of mustard:bees knees).

When it was dry it needed some toning down. It was a little bright for what I was after.  I gave it a coat of poly and then glazed it in Limestone glaze from Country Chic Paint.  I still wasn't feeling it. It needed some depth.

I was really after a vintage old world vibe, and it wasn't getting there.  So I hauled it in from my shop to my house and stared at it for a while... and then I decided to antique it with dark wax.

Exactly what I was after! This piece was a creative stretch from what I normally do, but I really loved the opportunity to play around with the finish until I was happy with the outcome.  It's easy as a furniture refinisher to get stuck in a creative rut.  Sometimes to break out of it you need to start a piece without a specific look in mind and see what happens!

Do you love mustardy yellow tones? Hop on over and follow Country Chic Paint on Pinterest for more yellow furniture inspiration!

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