Monday, August 27, 2018

pretty pop of colour

A few weeks ago a friend texted me about a bench she had.  We had chatted about this bench in months previous, but it needed out of her garage now pronto! So into my shop it went!

And it got covered in overspray and dust.  Not shocking!

I had good intentions of painting this bench shortly after she dropped it off, but I couldn't land on a colour.  I saw it in yellow.  Then a vintage green (which I oddly enough didn't have on my paint shelf).  I couldn't choose! So I asked everyone who came by and they all had ideas and I just couldn't pull the trigger.  Finally I cleaned it up and sanded it and went to my paint shelf to see what gave me inspiration in that moment.

I pulled out a previous limited edition colour from Country Chic Paint, Wishing Well.  This is a muted turquoise colour and it's one of my favourites.

Because of all the sides and edges and cross work in the back, I sprayed this piece.  I still love brush painting, but this piece was just easier to spray. I sprayed two coats of Wishing Well.

I distressed this piece moderately to show off the shape and give it some character.

To give it great durability, I sprayed it with three coats of satin poly.

I absolutely love how this piece turned out! I think the colour worked perfectly on it!

Although Wishing Well isn't available anymore, Country Chic Paint carries a similar colour, Wanderess! You can order it here:  Make sure you use code FARM10 for 10% off your purchase! And pop by their Instagram feed to see some great inspiration photos!

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