Monday, August 20, 2018

refinishing a glamorous dresser

Have you ever created a more glamorous look on a piece of furniture? It's not my typical style for pieces I buy and sell, but once in a while I get a custom piece in with a request for a bit of glam.  This doesn't necessarily mean sparkles and glitz! Let me show you how I turned this massive dresser into something with the perfect hint of glam:

Ack.  It was a beast! The finish was wearing and chipping off on the top and it desperately needed a facelift.  The custom request was slightly off white with no distressing at all.  I sanded the top smooth with my orbital sander and filled in the larger grain pores with wood filler.  I gave the entire thing a good scrubbing!  I had a strong feeling that it would have bleedthrough issues, and after one coat of paint I was definitely right.

I gave the entire dresser two coats of CoverStain.  I generally don't use white stain blockers unless my final finish is going to be white (otherwise I use straight Shellac).  CoverStain does an excellent job of covering bleedthrough and other surface stains.

When it was dry, I gave it two more coats of Crinoline from Country Chic Paint.  This quickly became one of my absolute favourite whites when it was released! It's a warm slightly off white, and it's beautiful!

When it was thoroughly dry, I topcoat the whole piece with satin poly.  I love that even with no distressing, the intricate detail work on the top drawers still pops! Doesn't it look so much prettier in white than dingy brown?

When you are putting topcoat on a piece it can bring up spots of bleedthrough again.  I just spot treat them and then touch them up with paint and topcoat.

I sprayed the hardware with gold spray paint from Rustoleum to add a little reflectiveness.  Between the satin poly, the solid finish style and the gold hardware, this piece has just enough glam!

If you want to try this beautiful colour, Crinoline, too, use code FARM10 for 10% off at! And while you're there, check out their fantastic tutorials on using all of their products! 

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