Wednesday, August 1, 2018

the perfect farmhouse grey

I found this pair of retro side tables on local buy and sell site.  If you've been following the blog you know I talk about the near non-existence of a matching pair of side tables fairly frequently, and how lately I've been stumbling on great pairs.  I picked these up for a steal and as soon as my mother-in-law saw them she snatched them up!  She wanted a neutral to brighten up her space but something fun too - she has a bubbly personality so a bold pop of colour definitely suits her!

I wanted to do something different for these pieces so I grabbed my colour chart for Amulent Paint from The Chippy Barn and showed her.  She instantly chose Farmhouse Grey for the exterior of the tables.  This colour is the perfect grey.  It's not too cool or too warm.  It's a greige colour that pairs great with other colours.  The Chippy Barn/Amulent generously sent me the paint to use for these tables!

I prepped these tables by giving them a good scrub with Krud Kutter and sanded them lightly.

Amulent recommends spraying their paint for the smoothest finish.  After I sprayed the first coat of paint, by nemesis showed up: bleedthrough.

That speckled finish that was popular around this era is notorious for bleeding through.  You can see the shiny finish in the photo above - its the many coats of Shellac I used to seal that bleedthrough up!

Much better! Amulent paint has amazing coverage, but because of needing to Shellac them I did two coats of Farmhouse Grey.

Now for the interior of the tables! Are you ready?

Isn't it beautiful? I love it! The colour is Quiet Night from The Chippy Barn. This is a colour I will paint again with soon! I did two coats on the interiors to make sure I had even coverage - because of the round shape there were a few difficult to get to spots and I wanted to make sure they looked great!

I distressed the tables lightly to show off their shape.

When they were dust free, I sprayed them with two coats of Ultra-Tough Top Coat in the satin finish from Amulent.  The topcoat levels itself better than a lot of topcoats I've used! I was extremely impressed! The finish is super smooth and really lovely!

Amulent Paint has a great consistency, making painting with a brush or a sprayer easy.  It self-levels and dries hard and durable. Despite it's fantastic adhesion, it's easy to distress to get the look you want.  I'd happily stock Amulent on my paint shelves continuously!

When I delivered these tables to my mother in law, she loved them and the colour so much that she sent me home with one of her own tables to paint to match! I did all three tables with two coats of Farmhouse Grey out of a pint of paint - and I still had a tiny bit of paint left.  The coverage is exceptional!

You can follow The Chippy Barn on Instagram to get more ideas on using their paint line, Amulent, and see all the beautiful colours it comes in!

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