Sunday, August 12, 2018

the tale of the cabinet i've had for years

As a furniture refinisher, the rate of turn over is pretty fast.  Things come in, get painted, get sold.  That's not the case with this cabinet.  I bought this cabinet to refinish at least three years ago (but in all honestly it's probably way closer to four).  And every year since I swear that January 1 won't come without that cabinet being finished. And every year I do something else instead.

And if we're laying it all out, I bought this cabinet from a 17 year old kid who moved out on his own and was forced to take it with him.  It was full of an empty beer bottle collection.  Classy, right?

My old workspace was in a bedroom in the back of our house, which is now being renovated into my daughter's room since I have my own shop disconnected from my home! So this cabinet had to be refinished and moved out.

Anyway, here it is after I ripped the doors off and took the mirrored backing out.  Neither were doing anything for the cabinet.

Sadness. I had to do a little extra trimming off of parts and added shelves and new trim - and a lot of wood filler.

There was no question what colour I was painting this beauty.  Vanilla Frosting from Country Chic Paint.  It's my favourite, and it's the perfect off white/not-too-yellow cream.

After one coat, I dealt with bleedthrough spots on this cabinet, and gave it another coat of paint.  I much prefer to do one coat of paint and then spot treat bleedthrough than fully prime a piece unnecessarily.

I picked up a new backing for it, painted it as well, and the secured it to the back.

I sat for a bit at this point debating whether or not to distress this piece.  I loved it as it was, but I usually distress.  This cabinet has a lot of detail and that can make a piece look busy fast when distressed. I wanted a classic look, and although it is a French Provincial piece, I didn't want a shabby chic look.  I ultimately opted to leave it as a solid finish and let the detail stand on it's own.  I gave it three coats of satin poly for protection and durability.

I wasn't a fan of the large original hardware, so I added glass knobs to the doors.

After many years just sitting in the back of my workroom, I have to admit that I'll be sad to see this one go! But I'm so happy it's finished and I absolutely love how it turned out!

For more inspiration using Vanilla Frosting, make sure you are following Country Chic Paint on Instagram! And if you want to use this colour too,  use code FARM10 for 10% off your order at!

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