Saturday, September 29, 2018

a small chest of drawers in homestead blue - fusion mineral paint

There are some colours that I naturally gravitate towards, and have to make myself not paint every single piece of furniture in. One of them is blue - there are so many shades and tones of beautiful blues! I have had a little bit of a crush on one blue in particular - Homestead Blue by Fusion Mineral Paint.  It is so deep and rich and gorgeous! 

I generally hoard jars of paint in colours I love because I don't want to run out, but seriously this jar is never-ending! This is the third project I have painted in Homestead Blue - two coats on each project, and there is STILL paint left in my jar! I am impressed at how far this paint goes! 

I have had this piece for a while in my shop, and I recently got it prepped and ready for paint.  

I used a Staalmeester brush, also sold by Fusion retailers, to paint this piece.  I gave it two light coats of paint.

To add some extra depth and dimension to this piece, and to highlight the natural wood grain, I used Miss Mustard Seed's Antique Wax.  I love using dark wax over dark paint colours to give them added richness.  

I put the original hardware back on this piece - I absolutely love how the brass pairs with Homestead Blue! I could paint everything this colour! 

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

a french provincial dresser in blush

It's no secret that I love refinishing French Provincial pieces - especially dressers.  They just look so dang good refinished! They're generally either wood toned or white.  I picked up a French Provincial bedroom suite a while ago and immediately contacted a customer of mine who was looking for a large dresser for her daughter's room.  She chose this one:

My client hoped that we could refinish the top to a stained finish instead of painted.  Although the entire body of this dresser is solid wood, the top isn't - and the veneer was extremely thin which can be risky to refinish.  However, the top of this piece was in pristine condition except for one small scratch, so we were able to leave the top in it's original condition.

To create the blush colour my client wanted, I mixed three parts Crinoline to 1 part Vintage Cupcake, both from Country Chic Paint. After prepping the dresser by cleaning with Krud Kutter and giving it a light sanding, I sprayed two coats of the blush on the dresser.

When it was thoroughly dry, I used sandpaper to distress the entire piece to show all it's beautiful lines and shape off! I gave the entire piece two coats of satin poly for extra durability and protection.

I was able to see this piece in my client's daughter's room and it's so adorable! It's the perfect piece for such a girly colour and I am sure she'll love it for years and years to come!

For more inspiration on mixing paint to create custom colours, make sure you are following Country Chic Paint on Facebook! If you'd like to order paint from Country Chic Paint, pop over to their website - - and use code FARM10 for 10% off your first purchase (affiliate code)!

Thursday, September 6, 2018

refinishing furniture in grey

As much as I love to do punchy colours on dressers and tables, I always love coming back to classic neutrals.  My family likes to bug me because my house is tones of white and grey with blues mixed in here and there.  I don't stray from that colour palette. Me? Neutral? Shocking!  While they might think neutrals are boring, they are anything but! When I picked up this dresser, I knew that it's classic lines needed a classic colour.  Here is the photo from the online listing:

Potential! I chose one of my absolute favourite greys that has rich depth and varying tones - Cobblestone from Country Chic Paint.  It's a warmer shade that has earthy undertones.

After I filled in some deeper scratches with wood filler and sanded them smooth, I gave the dresser a good cleaning and light sanding.  Then I painted the entire dresser with two coats of Cobblestone, letting each coat dry completely.

I lightly distressed the entire piece and then added my favourite topcoat over Cobblestone: antique wax.  I love the way the dark wax adds a richness and depth to Cobblestone.

Dressers are the main thing that I look for when I am looking for furniture to stock and refinish.  I love them in all shades, but I really love the classic look of a dresser in a stunning neutral!

Country Chic Paint is a company I know, love, and trust.  If you want to give them a try too, use code FARM10 for 10% off your first purchase at! And while you're on their site, check out their huge tutorial section!

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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

campaign style side tables in navy

I am a chronic furniture hunter.  Even when I swear off buying furniture (because I have more than I have space for) I still am always looking.  I found these side tables/night stands on a local buy and sell site and snagged them immediately.  Solid oak, reminiscent of campaign style furniture, brass hardware - perfect combination.

Here is what they looked like from the ad:

I knew I wanted to do something dark and bold.  Black seemed a bit too harsh and grey seemed a bit drab - so I pulled out the best in between - navy! A punch of colour but still neutral and matches any decor.  

The tables were in near perfect condition.  A little wood filler in a couple scratches and a light sanding and cleaning were all that was needed to prep the tables.  I painted them in two coats of Peacoat, my favourite navy from Country Chic Paint.

I wanted to keep the more modern industrial look of these tables, so I opted for no distressing.  I sanded them lightly with 220 grit to remove any texture from painting and then gave them a couple coats of satin poly.

These tables went from drab and dated to modern and stylish with just a couple coats of paint! Country Chic Paint is easy to use and gives a flawless finish every time.  

If you love this colour as much as I do and want to try it on a piece of your own furniture, hop on over to to order, and make sure you use code FARM10 for a 10% discount on your first order!

Buffalo Check Bookshelf

Adding pattern into furniture painting right now is a growing style and so inspiring! If you have a plainer piece of furniture you want to add some interest to, why not paint it?

When I found this plain oak bookcase I knew it was the perfect piece to add something interesting to.  I played around with the idea of papering the back with a fun patterned paper, but I ultimately came back to what I know best: paint!

I started by carefully popping off the back panel and painting it in Simplicity from Country Chic Paint.  When it was fully dry I taped off stripes in one direction and painted it in Lazy Linen, also from Country Chic Paint.  When it was dry I repeated this step in the other direction, and then added in the darker squares in Pebble Beach. It is very important to let each coat of paint dry so the tape doesn't pull up the paint!

After prepping the rest of the bookcase by cleaning and lightly sanding, I painted it in Hurricane - a deep stormy blue.  I absolutely love this colour! It is one of my favourites from Country Chic Paint!

I gave the entire piece a few coats of satin poly for durable protection.  Smaller pieces like this can have great impact in a room by using bold colour and a fun pattern! Paint is the perfect thing to help you achieve that effect!

If you love these colours as much as I do, make sure you hop on over to and use code FARM10 for 10% off your first purchase!