Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Buffalo Check Bookshelf

Adding pattern into furniture painting right now is a growing style and so inspiring! If you have a plainer piece of furniture you want to add some interest to, why not paint it?

When I found this plain oak bookcase I knew it was the perfect piece to add something interesting to.  I played around with the idea of papering the back with a fun patterned paper, but I ultimately came back to what I know best: paint!

I started by carefully popping off the back panel and painting it in Simplicity from Country Chic Paint.  When it was fully dry I taped off stripes in one direction and painted it in Lazy Linen, also from Country Chic Paint.  When it was dry I repeated this step in the other direction, and then added in the darker squares in Pebble Beach. It is very important to let each coat of paint dry so the tape doesn't pull up the paint!

After prepping the rest of the bookcase by cleaning and lightly sanding, I painted it in Hurricane - a deep stormy blue.  I absolutely love this colour! It is one of my favourites from Country Chic Paint!

I gave the entire piece a few coats of satin poly for durable protection.  Smaller pieces like this can have great impact in a room by using bold colour and a fun pattern! Paint is the perfect thing to help you achieve that effect!

If you love these colours as much as I do, make sure you hop on over to and use code FARM10 for 10% off your first purchase!

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