Thursday, October 4, 2018

Antique Hutch Refinished in My Favourite Colour

In all my years of refinishing furniture I am certain I have never been asked to refinish a piece quite as beautiful as this one.  A client messaged me with pictures of her grandmother's hutch that had been passed down to her.  It needed a freshening up to fit in her home, and I couldn't wait to paint it for her!

After I deep cleaned the piece and lightly sanded it, I primed it.  One look at this piece and I knew it was going to bleedthrough.  I ended priming it with about 4-5 coats to fully block in the tannins.  I've never had a piece bleed like this one did, but once it was finally sealed we were good to go.  It's important to seal bleedthrough with an oil based primer that is intended for sealing in tannins - my go-tos are CoverStain and Kilz.  BIN is a great one too but I've never ended up with a spray can that actually worked!

The next step was a light sanding to remove any texture from spraying on primer and then I sprayed it with two coats of Vanilla Frosting.  If you've been hanging around here with me for a while you'll know that Vanilla Frosting is my favourite colour! 

When it was fully dry, I distressed it lightly to show off it's beautiful shape and character.  Country Chic Paint sands beautifully and easily, but Primer is another thing altogether! It can be more difficult to distress but it'll get there with a little extra effort! 

I wasn't initially going to topcoat this piece because the matte finish felt so authentic and looked beautiful on this piece.  I ended up opting for a light clear wax finish to give it the perfect finishing feel.  

When I took pictures of this piece, no staging props looked right with it.  It's just so gorgeous on it's own and it's beautiful shape speaks volumes! I am so in love with this piece, and honoured that my client asked me to refinish it for her! 

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