Monday, November 12, 2018

a handmade cabinet gets a brand new look

It's been a while since I shared a project over here! I have been both plowing through custom work and taking a little time off to regroup and get my focus back.

One project I recently finished was this cabinet for a client:

Her father made this cabinet about 35 years ago and had sentimental value to her.  She wanted it updated to fit better into her decor.  This cabinet was solidly built and had great bones but it was time for an update.  I had already removed the one door when I remembered to take a before photo! Both top doors needed new glass, so off to the glass shop they went.

The rest of the cabinet was in fairly good shape, save for a few splinters that needed repairs/gluing/filling. One fairly big situation that needed some attention:

Several spots along the top moulding had broken or splintered off.  Although it could have been just sanded smooth and painted, it would have been noticeably missing and that just wouldn't have been okay! So I broke out the Bondo and slowly built up coats, sanding in between, to recreate the shape.

It's not perfect, but it's much better!

For the outside of the cabinet I painted it in Hurricane from Country Chic Paint.  I love this smokey blue colour.  It's deep and rich and still has a neutral feel to it.  For the inside, my client wanted to lighten it up so we went with Lazy Linen, also from Country Chic Paint.

I love the colour combination! I sprayed the original hinges matte black to match the new knobs.  It's always amazing what paint and new hardware can do for a piece!

Pieces that carry special meaning for my clients are among my favourite to refinish.  I am honoured to bring their pieces up to date! This particular cabinet I kept walking by all styled and wishing it was my own!

The colours are perfect for this piece! To order them to work on your own project, use code FARM10 at for 10% off your first order!


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