Tuesday, December 11, 2018

an old look for an old trunk

It's been a while friends! There is a lot to the business of refinishing furniture besides just painting, so but I am so happy to be able to share some new work with you!

A customer recently dropped off this trunk for me to refinish for her.  She had stripped most of the paint off and then was feeling finished with the project.  She knew exactly the look she was after, but here is the trunk in it's original state:

This piece had dings and dents and so much beautiful character and charm - and we wanted to keep it all.  I vacuumed it well and gave it a wipe down, but left the bits of old paint here and there to give it some original texture when it was painted.

I painted it in three coats of Devotion from Country Chic Paint.  Red can be a tough colour to paint because it is so highly pigmented. This piece was also raw wood so it soaked up the paint readily.

When it was fully dry I dragged it into my house to finish up the glaze work (where it's much warmer!).  Before glazing, I like to paint on a slip coat to make the glaze easier to work with and so it sits onto of the paint instead of melding with it.  It also prevents accidentally wet distressing your piece.  I used Country Chic Paint's Clear Coat as my slip coat.  I let that dry overnight before moving onto the glaze.

I used Graphite Glaze (also from Country Chic Paint).  It's a rich black that pairs with red beautifully. You can see in the photo above how much depth the glaze gives the red paint.  I ended up thinly painting on the glaze and not wiping it back - I really liked the look of it.

I let the glaze fully dry and then gave the trunk three more coats of Clear Coat for protection.

The trunk, despite having a fresh coat of paint, still looks old and full of years of character and charm!

I don't paint many pieces in red but this one is definitely growing on me!

To try Devotion, Graphite Glaze and Clear Coat, use code FARM10 when ordering from www.countrychicpaint.com! (Affiliate code)


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