Monday, January 21, 2019

creating a weathered distressed look for a china cabinet

Long time no chat friends! I took a longer than anticipated break, and while I don't feel any more rested - ha! - I do feel very ready to get back to work!

In December I finished a few projects up that I didn't get time to share with you.  This is one of them:

A customer brought me this china cabinet to refinish for her and requested a very worn and weathered look.  A great way to do this is to layer colours.  She chose Vanilla Frosting and Cobblestone - both from Country Chic Paint.

I started by giving the entire cabinet two coats of Vanilla Frosting.  As a base layer it wasn't necessary to do two full coats, but I like to be in full control of the distressing finish work, so I like to have a solid finish to start with.  When it was fully dry, I gave the cabinet two light coats of Cobblestone, leaving the interior of the cabinet Vanilla for contrast.  I love the look of it!

My customer wanted this cabinet heavily distressed so that it had a weathered look.  I used a combination of 180 and 220 grit sandpaper - any lower can sometimes result in a scratched look and I definitely didn't want that.

I left the top doors off for photos - but I really actually like the look of it open!

I vacuumed and wiped it down after distressing to make sure there was no dust left before I topcoat it.  I used Country Chic Paint's Clear Coat to topcoat the entire piece, using three light coats.

I love refinishing china cabinets - especially ones that have great bones but dated finishes! The transformation is always great!

If you'd like to order the colours I used for this project, and anything else you might need, use code FARM10 for 10% off your order from Country Chic Paint!

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