Tuesday, February 19, 2019

refinishing a vintage art desk

I picked up a small vintage desk a while ago and tucked it in the back of my little shop.  Several days later a friend messaged me asking if I had any small desks for her to use to keep her sketchbooks and pencils in her master bedroom - but it had to be small because she had a specific spot it needed to fit in.  The little desk I picked up was perfect!

I saw this desk with a really classic finish.  Something that bordered on a little bit preppy like a two tone blazer - inspiration really comes from everywhere!

We settled on a warm cream with a stained top and drawer handles.  We chose Cheesecake from Country Chic Paint.

I sanded down the top and stained it with a warm Cappuccino coloured stain.  I also stained the pull out and the drawer handles the same - I love the look it gives and ties the whole piece together! I finished the stain with a couple coats of Hemp Oil for protection.

I brushed on three coats of Cheesecake for full coverage and then sanded and distressed it.  Country Chic Paint's All-in-One formula has a built in topcoat that is very durable.  It dries to a very matte finish, so if you like that look, you don't have to topcoat it!

I love how this piece turned out!

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